Exo Insole System

Exo Insole System

We have always been committed to making comfortable women's shoes . It is one of our distinct values. Style and design are very important; however, comfort is crucial when it comes to choosing a pair of shoes.

We have grown up bearing this in mind, and working continuously, studying and adopting all those materials and practices required to achieve an exclusive design shoe that could be worn comfortably for a whole day.

Making comfortable women's shoes, and especially comfortable party shoes, is one of our accomplishments.

As Ezzio Group we decided to go for comfort years ago. It is for this reason that Argenta and Dibia positioned themselves as shoes manufactured with a slightly wider last than usual and the manufacture of shoes with flexible wedges, squarer heels or with slightly less height.

As a result, we have achieved successful collections of comfortable party shoes, executive style women's shoes, ideal for everyday wear or for the most urban looks.

Doralatina is casual, urban and allows you to enjoy the models that offer more comfort such as wedges, models with inner platforms and comfortable sneakers.

Ezzio is our most daring brand, with designs that stylize women's legs thanks, for instance, to the use of stiletto heels. Iconic footwear that draws attention for their special design and that surprise with a comfort not typical of such a stylized shoe. This is thanks to the materials we use, in addition to a careful design, capable of making us achieve the manufacturing of comfortable women's shoes.

EXO Insole System: this is our bet that guarantees comfort and lightness even when using the heel for a long period of time.

In many of our models you will find that we have included gel insoles and even the EXO Insole System.

This is a highly resilient synthetic latex foam technology incorporated into the shoe. From the moment you have the model in your hand, even before trying it on, you can touch the insole and feel the effect of the latex foam. This is a highly resilient, cushioning and breathable material.

This means that you will have comfortable women's shoes that you can wear for hours and will feel comfortable in right from the beginning to the end. I'm sure you've never thought you'd be able to get comfortable party shoes.

With the EXO Insole System we prove that elegance and comfort are not at odds.

Find out more about the EXO Insole System at http://www.exoinsoles.com/.


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