Samples 37

What is Samples 37?

Samples 37 is a selection of our shoes that you can find in our online shop Ezzio Shoes.

The samples are the prototypes of our shoes, the ones we create before making the complete collection. It is the first shoe manufactured in the series and we use it as a sample so that the shoe shops where we sell our brands can see the new collection first hand.

We always produce one pair per model and in size 37. We manufacture many models, making use of all the creativity of our designers: we try out different materials, colours, etc. In this way, it is possible that you will find shoes in Samples 37 that vary in colour or material with respect to the one we have in our shop with the official collection.

Once our sales team has finished presenting the new collection, the pair of shoes undergoes quality control to check that they are in perfect condition. After passing our review, they are put on sale in the Samples 37 section of our online shop.

Purchasing one of our models in the section Samples 37 is a unique opportunity, as we apply an interesting discount to the prototype.

If you are lucky enough to wear a size 37, be sure to visit our Sample 37 section:


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