We are looking for Brand Ambassadors for our new shoe collection.

If you are passionate about the world of fashion, of which you can say that you are an expert, you have an Instagram page open to the world, where you tell your followers on a weekly basis what the best trends are. If you can say that you have a learned opinion about fashion and new trends, which you share with the public and that your followers openly appreciate, then we are looking for you!

We want to showcase a new shoe collection, and we're looking for Ambassadors to represent it. We want them to show on their social media pages and blogs the outfits they match best with. We also want them to express their opinion about the design and quality of the materials we use.


If you like fashion with the "Made in Spain" stamp and you value the high quality of materials and designs, you have to know our firms, we are a Family Business Group that has very well known footwear firms, 100% Made in Spain. These firms are Ezzio, Argenta, Dibia and Doralatina.

In our New Shoe Collection, we offer casual and urban styles, as well as elegant shoes with a more executive look or designed for events and party shoes that will make you shine.

When you get to know our New Shoe Collection, you will discover the importance of the "Handmade in Spain" stamp and its full meaning. The manufacture of our models, which can take up to twenty days to make one of our pairs, is unique.

From the design to the packaging, all the stages are carried out and supervised with great care, following a handcrafted process.
Do you want to be part of our great project? Are you passionate about our shoe collections?

Sign up in the contact form that you will find in this page and become one of the chosen ones to be part of the Ezzio World as a Brand Ambassador.



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