Doralatina Shoes

Doralatina Shoes

The Doralatina shoe company belongs to Ezzio Shoes, which in turn is part of the Oizze Group.

The Oizze Group is a family company with more than forty years of experience in the footwear manufacturing. A process fully controlled at its factory in Petrer (Alicante).

It is in this factory in Alicante where the footwear design starts to take shape. A design always inspired by the latest fashion trends.

From this stage, until they are packaged, the shoes are manufactured under strict quality criteria. Always manufactured in this factory, 100% made in Spain using an artisan process.

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Doralatina is a fresh and young brand, designed for women who like to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Its collection always includes the must-haves of the season, as well as trendsetting models.

Doralatina shoes are always the perfect accessory for the most urban and casual outfits.

Sandals or wedge ankle boots, heels in their most casual forms or sneakers are the firm's signature designs that are always included in the Doralatina Shoes collections.

One of the secrets of the brand is innovation in the use of materials, both leather and accessories, as well as the right combination of materials and designs. It is for this reason that women who know the brand end up being loyal followers.

Comfort is not incompatible with fashion. Many of Doralatina 's models are very comfortable, as in the case of the most casual designs such as sneakers or wedges. However, we make use of materials that favor comfort in each step, such as gel insoles, wedges that make use of materials that enhance comfort or the EXO Insole System. The latter allows the foot to rest.


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