Dibia Shoes

Dibia Shoes

Dibia Shoes is a Spanish footwear company that belongs to the Guanflex company, within the Oizze Group.

The Oizze Group has been an expert shoemaker for more than forty years. All its models are manufactured in Spain, in a process controlled from start to finish, as it is carried out entirely in its factory in Petrer (Alicante).

That is why Dibia shoes are manufactured with the highest quality standards, following an artisan process. They are unique women's shoes, sophisticated and excellent in comfort and design.

Femininity, elegance and style define Dibia as a brand. The highest quality of the materials used, as well as a plus to comfort, make them a safe bet to wear every season.

A young brand with a high commitment to fashion.

Dibia is chosen by young and active women, who give close attention to their outfits. It is for this reason that all Dibia collections are highly inspired by the latest trends. To create each of its collections, an in-depth study of designs, international fashion trends, as well as materials and colors is made.

The result, are wide collections that take into account different situations, providing women's shoes capable of accessorizing casual, executive, party or urban looks. This is how we always have pumps, ankle boots, moccasins, open-shoes, slippers, sandals, sneakers, wedge shoes, etc. We also combine trends in design and materials such as two-tone shoes, use of animal print, etc.

How can Dibia Shoes offer a plus to comfort?

They are shoes that have an advantage, which makes them a particularly comfortable shoe, and that is their last, which always has a special width. This is how we get a special comfort for a long day without sacrificing design and elegance.


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