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Ezzio Group is a reference based on one premise: shoes handmade in Spain.

If you are looking for Spanish shoes that are also handmade, one of the best references is the Ezzio Group. Under the umbrella of this group lie two companies belonging to the same family: Oizze Shoes and Calzados Guanflex.

A family that, for more than forty years, has been working in the design and manufacture of women's footwear. Those are Spanish shoes, because the whole process, from its conception and handmade stitching to the careful packaging in its box, is made in Petrer (Alicante).

These handmade shoesshoes are commercialized by the four brands of the Ezzio Group: Ezzio, Doralatina, Argenta and Dibia.

Calzados Guanflex and Oizze Shoes: two Ezzio Group companies with two core values.

Two of the main common values of the companies that make up this group are respect for the quality that only comes from handmade shoes and pride in manufacturing 100% Spanish shoes.

Argenta and Dibia belong to Calzados Guanflex. Both brands show through their models that comfort and elegance are absolutely compatible. Shoes at the forefront of fashion that offer a wider last. Ideal for long working days or if you are looking for a comfortable and stylish shoe to attend an event.

Ezzio and Doralatina belong to Ezzio Shoes. Both, at the forefront of fashion, offer audacious designs, must-haves for the season, elegant and ideal shoes for walking around the city with style or to dazzle at a party.

Spanish shoes inspired by the latest trends.

We are proud to say that our handmade shoes are chosen as an accessory for outfits of personalities from the world of fashion and other fields. We are one of the groups with the most experience in the Spanish footwear sector. They choose us because of this, as well as because we stand for fashion, high quality and comfort.

We always work with high quality materials and we have shoe lines that fit from brides to party guests , as well as women with more casual, urban and relaxed looks, but always with the style that characterizes us.

Our collections are inspired by the latest international trends. Furthermore, we always surprise with models that, without giving up comfort, become a must-have. Design, sophistication and the right combination of materials and colors are part of our success.



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